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Cleaning House: Taking Action to Protect Constitutional Rights in Texas

As a candidate for governor of Texas, I am committed to safeguarding the rights and freedoms of every individual in our state. Unfortunately, we have encountered instances where Texas State judges have failed to uphold the federal constitution and have used their positions for personal gain. This document outlines my administration's plan to address this situation and ensure that all judges prioritize the well-being of Texans.

Protecting the Federal Constitution:

If elected, I will first order a comprehensive review of all Texas State judges to determine their adherence to the federal constitution. Any judge found to have violated or disregarded these laws will be promptly fired. It is crucial that we establish a culture of accountability within the judiciary and ensure that justice is served in accordance with the highest principles of our constitution.

Cleaning House:

In addition to ridding our judiciary of unconstitutional judges, it is crucial that we clean house at other levels of state government. Many leaders have chosen to remain silent while our rights have been violated, and this inaction can no longer be tolerated. During my administration, I will actively seek out and remove from office any state government leader who has consistently failed to protect the interests of Texans.

Standing up for Texans:

As a candidate, I have made it my mission to listen to the concerns of Texans and represent their interests. The violation of constitutional rights is an affront to our shared values, and I will not stand by silently. My administration will ensure that all government officials are held accountable for their actions and that the rights of all Texans are protected.

It is time for us to take action and protect our constitutional rights. Join me in electing a governor who will prioritize the well-being of Texans and fight for our shared liberties. Together, we can clean house and restore order to our state government. I am John Washington, and with your support, I will stand as a beacon of hope for a better future for all Texans.

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